Monday, August 27, 2012

Isabelle and James - San Jose Wedding Photographer and Videographer

I present to you Isabelle and James. It was actually Isabelle's mother who contacted me first. Her wish to give her daughter the best photographer she could afford. She contacted various photographers and couldn't find a good fit for their photography style and budget. When I quoted her for both our photography and videography services, she cried immediately. She said it was God sent that I was able to match her requirements for photography and budget. I couldn't have asked for a more sincere and loving client and I'm grateful for the opportunity given to me to make this family's big day a dream come true. We did everything with Isabelle and James, photography, videography and even an awesome twilight love story. Enjoy this mega post and congrats to the newly weds!



Wedding Highlight

Twilight Love Story

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