Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cho and Un - San Jose Wedding Videographer

Do you believe in fate? I do because of Cho and Un. Coming from two different backgrounds, culture, and countries, they came together originally from college then to this awesome day to be joined together eternally. They picked the most beautiful locations south bay has to offer. Starting with the Stanford campus, there's no other campus like it. And going with Cypress Hotel for the ceremony and banquet has to be the best choice Cupertino has to offer. As for shooting the wedding, we covered a total of 14 hours! We had a team of two shooters and one assistant to capture all this footage. For the most part, we utilized two DSLR HD cameras (Canon 5D and 7D) along with a variety of lens (24-70mm, 50mm, 11-16mm, 70-200mm). It was our privilege to be selected as the videography team for this awesome wedding. All I can say from editing this wedding is that Cho and Un had the most magnificent day. I hope they can forever reminisce with the film I've helped them create.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Azia's Graduation - San Jose Family Photographer

When I was asked to photograph a graduation, I couldn't be more excited. Having the responsibility of capturing a major accomplishment for the parents and child really got me really pumped up. I felt honored to be invited into the private ceremony where only parents were allowed. Let alone the parent saved me a front row seat! Great job Julie! And the most important point was that I was to capture Julie's beautiful daughter, Azia. Congratulations to Azia and her parents. I hope she enjoys the pictures as much as her mom did. :)


Here is a little video highlight clip of the graduation. These kids are so cute!!
Be sure to watch this in HD as well!



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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bernadette and Julio Wedding - Santa Cruz Wedding Photographer

Congratulations to Bernadette and Julio on an amazing wedding!

It was such a nice day in Santa Cruz, California. I couldn't image a better town to host a wedding. The weather was perfect, the people were friendly, and the surrounding buildings and beach view was just amazing. I wish you guys a happily married life together.


For the full slideshow, please press the play button below.  Be sure to view in HD

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Claudine and Andrew Wedding - Fremont Wedding Photographer

Congratulations to Claudine and Andrew on their fabulous wedding! 

The couple started out the day preparing for their big day in their rooms. After preparation was completed, we headed to their company campus for bridal shots. Boy was it nice. I wish I worked in a campus like that. Lake, water fountain, perfect lawns, and even ducks! Afterwards, we quickly headed to the St. Joseph church in Fremont for the ceremony. What a beautiful church setting! There was a no flash and no moving during the ceremony policy. We managed. :) Then we headed to the Martinelli Center in Livermore for the reception. I am convinced that Livermore is a wedding town. They have beautiful venues and landscapes all over the city. No wonder everyone is holding their wedding in this wonderful city. Great choices by a awesome down to earth couple, Claudine and Andrew. I wish you guys a happy life together forever and ever.


For the full slideshow, please press the play button below.  Be sure to view in HD

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Friday, May 14, 2010

2010 San Jose Tech Museum Tech Challenge - San Jose Event Photographer

This year I volunteered to be a event photographer for the annual Tech Challenge ( hosted at the San Jose Tech Museum.  It was great to see so many students from a diverse grade range participate.  The goal of the challenge was to have groups of students come up with a invention that will allow them to stick two D batteries on a hanging satellite about 15 feet away.  The students are not allowed to move out of a boxed boundary and have a time limit to complete the task.  It was great being able to capture the students and their amazing inventions.


Here is a little video highlight clip I compiled together.  I thought I'd give it a little techno theme to match the futuristic theme.


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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Anita and William Wedding - San Francisco Wedding Photographer

Congratulations to Anita and William!  Their wedding day was so fun and the bride and groom were so beautiful.  The bride featured a traditional Chinese dress to start the day.  The early events included the groom attempting to persuade the bridesmaid to let him in the house.  Many tactics including red evenlopes, challenging games, and straight out begging were involved.  After the craziness, the groom was allowed in the house and he was allowed to kiss the bride (as shown below).

The banquet was held at Millbrae's Seafood Harbor Restuarant.  The banquet featured a traditional Chinese banquet including eight very fufilling dishes with seafood in almost all the dishes!  I love Chinese weddings as you are guaranteed to leave full.  The banquet was very festive as expected.  I love the shots where people are bringing their glasses together to cheer the newly weds.  Overall, it was a very fun wedding with lots of great memories.  I hope the couple can forever cherish their special day with these photos.


For the full slideshow, please press the play button below.  Be sure to view in HD

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