Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mischelle and Rick - San Jose Wedding Videographer

When Mischelle and Rick first contacted me on my ad, I couldn't have been more excited! It was our first ChriZ Photography Indian wedding. It was a grand two day event with banquets and performances from both sides of the family. Their wedding ceremony was held at the Decathlon Club in Santa Clara and it was just beautiful. Full of rich colors and decorations. The food was fabulous and the performances were exhilarating. The second night was held at Sneha restaurant in Sunnyvale. Awesome restaurant with awesome food. Loved it. Decorations again were amazing and full of vibrant colors. Mischelle and Rick are the nicest and most sincere couple I've ever worked with. They are so open and understanding even with the pressures of a wedding.

Congratulations again Mischelle and Rick! Thank you again for having ChriZ Photography capture your beautiful wedding. We are so lucky :)


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Suzanne and Bernie Wedding Engagement - Shooting with Sam Hassas

A few months ago, I had the privilege to shoot along side one of my favorite photographers, Sam Hassas! Sam was actually my wedding photographer and he did an amazing job. We couldn't be more happier with his photos. First time I saw his work, I was simply flabbergasted. His style and creativity blew my mind. From there, I followed him religiously and now my own work is really inspired by his photography. Enjoy these photos I took along side while helping him carry lenses and holding up flashes. :)




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