Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cho and Un - San Jose Wedding Videographer

Do you believe in fate? I do because of Cho and Un. Coming from two different backgrounds, culture, and countries, they came together originally from college then to this awesome day to be joined together eternally. They picked the most beautiful locations south bay has to offer. Starting with the Stanford campus, there's no other campus like it. And going with Cypress Hotel for the ceremony and banquet has to be the best choice Cupertino has to offer. As for shooting the wedding, we covered a total of 14 hours! We had a team of two shooters and one assistant to capture all this footage. For the most part, we utilized two DSLR HD cameras (Canon 5D and 7D) along with a variety of lens (24-70mm, 50mm, 11-16mm, 70-200mm). It was our privilege to be selected as the videography team for this awesome wedding. All I can say from editing this wedding is that Cho and Un had the most magnificent day. I hope they can forever reminisce with the film I've helped them create.

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