Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Anita and William - San Francisco Engagement Photographer

What a beautiful couple. I've never had so much fun taking engagement photos. We actually took two engagement sessions at two different locations. 

We started at a beach near highway 1 for the endless coast lines.  The couple wanted a casual session were they wore blue jeans and t-shirt.  As expected, it was quite windy and the water was defintely cold.  However, we ended up getting some really good shots thanks to the couple's eagerness and determination.

One the second day, the couple dressed in their wedding attire and headed to the Stanford campus for their beautiful structures.  It was a great combination of formal wear and the sophisticaed buildings in Stanford.  It gave such a grand feeling which matched the theme we were going after.


For the full slideshow, please press the play button below.  Be sure to view in HD

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